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food sites for November 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

A bushel of winter squash at a farm stand, Palenville, New York

November is the start of our annual marathon of holiday over-eating or, as we like to call it, “La Grande Bouffe.” With any luck -- sometime in early January -- we’ll shove back from the groaning table (and even more groaning chair) in better condition than the leading characters of that French–Italian exercise in excess.

However, we’ve learned, from long -- and often humiliating -- experience, not to make any rash promises.

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Pre-empting the gorging season, On the Table’s culinary quote collection waxes fat about fat:

American consumers have no problem with carcinogens, but they will not purchase any product, including floor wax, that has fat in it. Dave Barry 
I have a great diet. Youre allowed to eat anything you want, but you must eat it with naked fat people. Ed Bluestone 
America is now the fattest country in the world and getting fatter every day. unnamed H.J. Heinz Co. executive 
Its OK to be fat. So youre fat. Just be fat and shut up about it. Roseanne Arnold
November, 2014

PS: If you encounter broken links, changed URLs -- or know of wonderful sites weve missed (as does Elatia Harris, who is always finding great sites) -- please drop us a line. It helps to keep this resource as useful as possible for all of us. To those of you who have suggested sites -- thanks, and keep them coming!

PPS: If you wish to change the e-mail address at which you receive these newsletters, or otherwise modify the way you receive our postings or -- if youve received this newsletter by mistake, and/or dont wish to receive future issues -- you have our sincere apology and can have your e-mail address deleted from the list immediately. Were happy (and continuously amazed) that so few people have decided to leave the list but, should you choose to be one of them, let us know and well see that your in-box is never afflicted by these updates again. There are links at the bottom of this page to fix everything to your liking.

---- the new sites ----

Austerity Kitchen, The
(Christine Baumgarthubers food history columns; archive of older postings here)

Chef Stories
(a collection of six profiles -- Grant Achatz, Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, Julia Child, and Alice Waters -- in The New Yorker)

(thousands of recipes from The New York Times)

Early Chinese Food History
(Jacqueline M. Newman’s article in Flavor & Fortune)

Food Snobbery Explained
(some embarrassing self-revelation from

Frugal Housewife, The: Or Complete Woman Cook
(scanned facsimile pages, and PDF version, of Susannah Carter’s 1803 book)
(tropical, exotic, accessory, and hybrid fruits; plus fruit news and recipes)

Gareth Jones Food
(website of a self-described gastronome – and food consultant, cook, traveler and educator)

GMOs are Old Hat. Synthetically Modified Food is the New Frontier
(Eliza Barclay reports of new technologies that produce artificial foodstuffs by fermentation, rather than by less appealing, or environmentally-less desirable, methods – such as from petrochemicals)

(selections from the magazine’s archives: 1940s-1970s & 2000s)

Great Hog-Eating Confederacy, The
(Christine Baumgarthuber on the place of pork and corn in the historical diet of America’s southerners)

History on the Half-Shell: The Story of New York City and its Oysters
(article by the New York Public Library’s Carmen Nigro)

Honey, Food is All About Power
(dialogue, between Bani Amor and Thy Tran, on false assumptions about “ethnic” food writers, the imagined audience for their writing, and the ways food writing is used to reinforce stereotypes about race and ethnicity for profit)

How to Prepare a Sauce for the Lords and How Long it Lasts
(recreating a sour twelfth-century recipe that features sweet spices)

In Search of Taste
(quarterly magazine “…dedicated to examining gastronomic cultural traditions [of] the symbiotic affinity between simple food and wine…”)

Information is Beautiful
(infographic on compatibility of flavors)

Joanne Chang Brings the Sweet Science of Sugar to Harvard
(Eater National account of her lecture/demonstration)

Mad Feed
(food for thought via articles and TED-like video presentations)

Magical Tour of Yotam Ottolenghis Cookbook Collection, A
(an interview with the author of Plenty)

(another aggregator of food articles)

Museum of Food and Drink, The (MOFAD) 
(New York City’s future museum, “… about the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink,” where one will be able to smell and taste the exhibits)

Myth of Togetherness Around the Table, The
(apparently -- in England at least -- it didn’t exist before middle-class Edwardians decided it should)

See It, Want It: Window Food Displays
(Jan Whitaker, on restaurants’ use of their windows to attract customers)

Seven Moles of Oaxaca, The
(from Mexican chef par excellence, Zarela Martinez)

Tea if by Sea
(Dan Jurafsky’s history of tea, with an emphasis on linguistics)

Wine Snobbery Explained
(“Wine snob. Isn’t that a redundancy…?” more embarrassing details from

Zythum: An Egyptian Precursor to Beer
(food safety microbiologist Peter Olsen blogs about an ancient brew)

---- inspirational (or otherwise useful) sites for writers/bloggers ----

Book academy

Getting Started with Social Media

So You Want to Be a Food Writer

Writer, The

---- yet more blogs ----

Botanist in the Kitchen, The

Draughts Are Deep, The

Edible Arts

Edible Legacies

Fork Tales

Language of Food, The


Odd Pantry, The

Plate, The

Ruth Reichl

Shepherd and the Olive Tree, The

Taste of History with Joyce White, A

---- thats all for now ----

Except, of course, for the usual legalistic mumbo-jumbo and commercial flim-flam:

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The Herbalist in the Kitchen 

The Business of Food: Encyclopedia of the Food And Drink Industries 

Human Cuisine 

Herbs: A Global History 

Terms of Vegery 

How to Serve Man: On Cannibalism, Sex, Sacrifice, & the Nature of Eating 

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...for the moment, anyway.


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