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Food Sites for October 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gourds in the King's Gardens, Ticonderoga, NY

So, this is issue number 144... a gross of these updates to The Resource Guide for Food Writers. Since they come out approximately monthly, that means Dr Sanscravat and I have been at this for twelve years. Amazing.

"Amazingly gross" might once have described the Doctor's feeding habits (though somewhat less so of late; the man is, after all, well-aged). As often as not, it referred to the sheer volume he consumed, not to mention his disgusting displays of public ingestion, his eagerness to imbibe substances that more refined diners assign to the category of "non-foods," and his over-all messiness. Being forced to wear the Scarlet G has been an insignificant sacrifice to him (since, obviously, he doesn't embarrass easily).

"'Twas fair enough," he has told me, "as long as I could succeed in delivering a tiny vicarious shiver of a gastronomic thrill -- a frisson, if you will..." to anyone willing to listen.

There, but for the grace of good taste, go you.

Regular subscribers to our updates newsletter receive these updates from our blog, Just Served, directly -- but there is much more at the blog that isn't sent automatically. For example, last month visitors to the blog were exposed to Dr Sanscravat's rant, On the Mysteries of Puritanism  (or why does the name 'Savonarola' provoke a longing for barbecue?. Just Served dishes out more than reasonable people want to chew -- but, if you're feeling particularly unreasonable, and don't want to wait for these newsletters, you can follow us on Facebook,  or Twitter. In the unlikely event that you find yourself stranded and book-starved, you can access a kind of index -- of orts and morsels of our (and the good doctor's) writings, wedged (as it were) among the back-teeth of the web – at A Quiet Little Table in the Corner.

Leitesculinaria has reposted several of our own articles (the entire list is available here, along with several more noteworthy pieces on food history & science.

These quotations from On the Table's culinary quote pages are in keeping with this month’s theme:

"The Americans are the grossest feeders of any civilized nation known. As a nation, their food is heavy, coarse, and indigestible, while it is taken in the least artificial forms that cookery will allow. The predominance of grease in the American kitchen, coupled with the habits of hearty eating, and the constant expectoration, are the causes of the diseases of the stomach which are so common in America." James Fenimore Cooper
"I'm a light eater. When it gets light, I start eating." Tommy John

October, 2012

PS: If you encounter broken links, changed URLs -- or know of wonderful sites we've missed -- please drop us a line. It helps to keep this resource as useful as possible for all of us. To those of you who have suggested sites -- thanks, and keep them coming!

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----the new sites----

(a searchable collection of 80 menus at the University of Houston)

(a search for "food" at this Library of Congress site turned up historic 118 documents, from late nineteenth- through early twentieth-centuries)

(Susan Lutz explains some dos and don'ts for home canners)

(Jennifer Viegas writes, in Discovery, about starchy residues on grinding stones used by Neanderthals and other early humans)

(Andy Frame's article in Food Safety News)

(Tori Avey's article from PBS's The History Kitchen)

("boutique" hop farms and micro-breweries, natural partners )

(how to eat oysters on the half shell)

(Ewen Callaway writes, in Nature, about the reasons species experience taste differently)

(Jaimal Yogis's Huffington Post article about research that suggests a genetic link for adventurous eating)

(Peter Andrey Smith's New York Times article about Harvard's Rachel Dutton, the leading expert on using fermentation to make fine-tasting cultured foods)

(Norwegian scientific paper that finds that the scent of wild boar meat, cinghiale, is genetically off-putting to some humans)

(how we perceive tastes; Bijal P. Trivedi's Nature article on the latest science)

("historic kitchen equipment, culinary objects;" with lots of links to articles on old cookwares)

(Nancy Harmon Jenkins, in The Art of Eating, takes a close look at Egyptian home cooking)

(photos of a Victorian kitchen, discovered intact in the basement of a British home)

(interview with Laura Shapiro and Rebecca Federman about their exhibit, Lunch Hour NYC, at the New York Public Library)

(John Martin Taylor's article about one of the earliest African-American cookbooks)

(Bijal P. Trivedi's article, in Nature, exploring the body's ways of detecting taste – and not just via the tongue)

("discussions with chefs and food writers about their new books;" introductory paragraphs and podcasts)

(detailed descriptions of 110 varieties of oysters found in US waters, plus availability and storage info)

("history of oysters and oyster cultivation;" plus oyster lore, science, and wine pairing)

(Ed Behr's article, in The Art of Eating, on "possibly the best writer ever about food")

(Ben Harris' article, in Jewish Daily Forward, on Sandor Katz's efforts to "to convince the world of both the wonders and the essentialness of fermentation")

(Alison Abbott's Nature article about an expedition to find genetic explanation for food preferences)

(Nicholas Bakalar explains, in Nature, how all of our senses cooperate to create the composite sensation we call "flavor")

(Sara Kay's Snooth article on America's whiskey)

(part of Jan Whitaker's continued investigations into the history of American restaurants)

(Peggy Fletcher Stack's Salt Lake Tribune article about Kate Holbrook's doctoral research into Mormon eating habits)

(Richard Vines, in Bloomberg News, describes the discovery and tasting of some really old Veuve Cliquot)

(an alphabetical feastiary)

-- inspirational (or otherwise) sites for writers/bloggers --

----yet more blogs----

----changed URL----

----that's all for now----

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...for the moment, anyway.


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Copyright (c) 2012 by Gary Allen.


Blogger CJ - Food Stories said...

Loved your monthly post, as usual. Especially enjoyed the food quotes, this month :-)

September 20, 2012 at 11:07 AM  
Blogger Gary Allen said...

Thanks, CJ!

As for the quotes: When it comes to overindulgence, Dr Sanscravat is a recognized authority. My task as editor is just trying to keep him within reasonable bounds.

It's not easy, some days.

September 20, 2012 at 12:14 PM  
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