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Food Sites for September 2022

Saturday, August 13, 2022

It’s still summer—can there be a more summery salad?


We don’t know what it’s been like where you are—but this summer, here in the Hudson Valley, has been brutal. The only times we willingly went outside was when we needed to pluck a few leaves from the basil. On the other hand, sitting in front of the air conditioner, for hours on end, meant that we found a huge number of interesting sites to include here.


It also gave us time to post several pieces to our Substack newsletter

One recent post, “Sweet Burden of Youth...”, gave Dr Sanscravat a podium for pontification. As if he ever needed one.

A While Back...” is an account of the origins of our first herb book—and the false starts that preceded it.

Philosopher’s Stone” considers the way memories change over time... and uses a story from Prophet Amidst Losses as an example.

Seen Through a Glass... Darkly” revisits an ancient hangover. The attached story is lifted from The Digressions of Dr Sanscravat: Gastronomical Ramblings & Other Diversions

Summatime, Summatime, Sum, Sum, Summatime” abuses a friend’s innocent question, turning it into an excuse to post something from How to Write a Great Book.


You can, if you wish, follow us on Facebook (where, among other things, we post a lot of photographs), and Twitter. Still more of our older online scribbles can be found at A Quiet Little Table in the Corner. There’s even an Amazon author’s page, mostly about our food writing


There’s more to summer than salad—even ala Caprese—hence these comments from On the Table’s culinary quote collection:

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. Don Kardong


I doubt whether the world holds for anyone a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice cream. Heywood Broun


I don’t cry over spilt milk, but a fallen scoop of ice cream is enough to ruin my whole day. Terri Guillemets


My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate—that’s my philosophy. Thornton Wilder


Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal. Voltaire

September 2022


PS: If you encounter broken links, changed URLs—or know of wonderful sites we’ve missed—please drop us a line. It helps to keep this resource as useful as possible for all of us. To those who have pointed out corrections or tasty sites (this month we’re tipping our virtual hat to Star Lawrence), thanks, and keep them coming!


PPS: If you wish to change the e-mail address at which you receive these newsletters, or otherwise modify the way you receive our postings or—if you’ve received this newsletter by mistake, and/or don’t wish to receive future issues—you have our sincere apology and can have your e-mail address deleted from the list immediately. We’re happy (and continuously amazed) that so few people have decided to leave the list but, should you choose to be one of them, let us know and we’ll see that your in-box is never afflicted by these updates again.



— the new sites —


16 Types of Coconuts and How to Use Them

(comprehensive HAPPYDIYHOME article)


American Cookbooks & Culinary Antiquarianism

(first of a two-part Substack post, by David S. Shields, about the precursors of today’s kind of food history; second part is titled “Issue 65, COLONIAL COOKING, Part 2: Charleston Discovers Culinary Antiquity”—see below)


Ancient Europeans Were Lactose Intolerant. They Drank Milk Anyway, Study Finds.

(Rachel Pannett’s Washington Post article on scientists’ conclusion that “lactase persistence [the ability to consume dairy without digestive problems] was not common until around 1,000 B.C., nearly 4,000 years after it was first detected”)


Chance, Choice, and the Avocado: The Strange Evolutionary and Creative History of Earth’s Most Nutritious Fruit

(Maria Popova provides a history of the alligator pear for The Marginalian)


Corn Whiskey Is Coming for You

(Fred Higgins, at Punch, writes about the newly-respectable versions of what was once known as “white lightning”)


Food and Drink Excesses in Europe Admissible and Inadmissible Behaviour from Antiquity to the Twenty-first Century

(the introductory paper—by Allen J. Grieco, Mary Hyman, and Peter Scholliers—in 2006’s Food & History, vol. 4)


From Dry January to Fake Cocktails, Inside the New Temperance Movement

(Jason Wilson’s Washington Post article)


Guide to Eating as Many Flowers as Possible, A

(an interview with Dina Falconi, author of Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook, in Improvised Life)


Hellmann’s Mayonnaise: A History

(Andrew F. Smith’s definitive essay on the subject)


History and Legends of Hamburgers

(from What’s Cooking America, complete with a list of sources used for the article)


History of Some of America’s Favorite Sandwiches, A

(Hilary Harty’s article about ten of them at Fifty Grande)


Hollywood Effect, The: How Fried Green Tomatoes Became a Southern “Classic”

(Robert Moss’s Serious Eats article begins at The Whistlestop Café)


How Arcane Is Turning Craft Beer into Great Whiskey in a Matter of Days

(Kirk Miller’s Inside Hook report about a novel distilling process—in Brooklyn)


How Trying to Find a Cure for Scurvy Led to the Gimlet

(excerpt from Camper English’s Doctors and Distillers: The Remarkable Medicinal History of Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Cocktails)


“I’ll Have What She’s Having”: The Jewish Deli

(a traveling exhibition, beginning at The Skirball Cultural Center, in Los Angeles; more here)


Infographic: How to Tell the Difference Between 66 Varieties of Cheese

(one approach to simplifying the almost infinite expressions of milk’s “leap toward immortality”)


Issue 65, COLONIAL COOKING, Part 2: Charleston Discovers Culinary Antiquity

(second of a two-part Substack post, by David S. Shields, about the precursors of today’s kind of food history; first part is titled “American Cookbooks & Culinary Antiquarianism“)


It’s Time to Take Notice of English Whisky

(Millie Milliken’s survey on Vinepair)


Magic of Baking Soda, The

(Annie Ewbank, on Sodium Bicarbonate, for Gastro Obscura)


Mysterious Mushroom That Only Grows in Burn Scars, The

(Elaina Zachos’ Gastro Obscura article about a species of “pyrophilous, or ‘fire-loving,’” morels)



(Nikhita Venugopal’s Fifty-Two account of what it takes to sell ketchup in India)


So You Want to Be a Bootlegger

(Jeff Nilsson, recounts some instructions—from a 1922 issue of The Saturday Evening Post)


Unnatural Reactions to Natural Wine

(wine journalist Oliver Styles takes on a certain kind of wine journalism for wine-searcher)



— inspirational (or otherwise useful) sites for writers/bloggers —


Can the Jewish Deli Be Reformed?


Changing Landscape of Eating Roadkill, The


Chef Appeal


Chef Restoring Appalachia’s World-Class Food Culture, The


Choco Tacos and Remembrance of Junk Foods Past


Comfort Conundrum, The


Ephemeral Appeal of Indie Food Zines, The


Ephemeral Art of Mexico City’s Food Stalls


Everyone’s Thirsty for The Bear—Here’s What It’s Really Like to Date a Chef


Future of Food: Agriculture, The


How Sea Urchin Tastes


How to Eat a Sandwich


Internet Cannot Get Enough of Wacky Sculptures Made of Food, The


Is Root Beer the Next Frontier in Beer Drinkers’ Cravings for Nostalgia?


Is the Minimalist Restaurant Menu Over?


“Jewish” Joy of Cooking?, A: How a 20th Century Cookbook Containing Frog’s Legs, Snails, and Ham Became a Beloved Jewish Icon


MFA vs. IRS: How Should Creative Writing Programs Talk about the Business of Publishing?


Mother Noella & The Cycles of Life


New Orleans’ Cult Favorite Sandwich Shop Finally Has a Cookbook


On the Kitchen Porch

Past Lives of the Paragraph


Pet Names and Aesthetic Communities


Rise of Cottage-Food Production, The


Rocks or Neat


Secret Life of Leftovers, The


What Exactly Is American Food?


What Is Food?: By Upgrading the Food System, We Upgrade Society


Who Am I? And the Author’s Bio


Why Are U.S. Presidents So Obsessed with Ketchup?


Why Care about Food and Wine as Art


Will Rice Farming in California Survive the Drought?


Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Choosing Between Plotting or Pantsing


Your Kitchen is a Time Machine: An interview with Marissa Nicosia of Cooking in the Archives



— podcasts, etcetera —


Bittman Project, The 


Celebrating your Sunday Best with chef Adrienne Cheatham


Episode 512—Chicago Hot Dogs


Free Documentaries from Spain Let You Watch the Traditional Making of Wine, Cheese, Churros, Honey & More


How Ketchup Got Thick


How to Capture Stunning iPhone Food Photos in the Kitchen


How to Shoot Commercial-Worthy Food Photos on iPhone


Is Chocolate Good for You?


Restaurant Food Photography: Capturing People & Food


sandwiches history



— that’s all for now —


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The Business of Food: Encyclopedia of the Food And Drink Industries


Human Cuisine


Herbs: A Global History


Sausage: A Global History


Can It! The Perils and Pleasures of Preserving Foods


Sauces Reconsidered: Après Escoffier



Terms of Vegery


How to Serve Man:
On Cannibalism, Sex, Sacrifice, & the Nature of Eating


How to Write a Great Book



The Digressions of Dr Sanscravat: Gastronomical Ramblings & Other Diversions


Ephemera: a short collection of short stories


Prophet Amidst Losses




Future Tense: Remembrance of Things Not Yet Past


Backstories: As retold by Gary Allen


Tabula Rasa, Baby: (Not Written in Stone)


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...for the moment, anyway.




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