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A New Radio Appearance

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ann & Peter Haigh on the Japanese Bridge at Claude Monet's Giverny

Ann & Peter Haigh's radio show "On the Menu," -- which sounds like it has something to do with our site (On the Table), but doesn't -- is broadcast weekly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Their one-hour talk radio program covers food, wine, travel & lifestyle, and features lively interviews with chefs, nutritionists, restaurateurs, hoteliers, winemakers, food producers, cookware and kitchen gadget makers, and other culinary luminaries. They even speak with authors -- which is how I managed to sneak onto the program. The show aired last weekend, and featured some fantastic people (like John T. Edge, Robert Reid, and Cheryl Sternman Rule). You can hear the podcast in their archives (just click on "listen now" beside the date "June 17, 2012."  

Our portion of the show comes at the end.


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