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Creamsicles, Re-imagined

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
For simple perfection, few ready-made frozen desserts match the lowly Creamsicle. We recall magical childhood memories of crisp and citrusy-tart exteriors, that gradually surrendered their creamy vanilla hearts.

Why would I be so crass as to attempt to replace that Proustian delight with some kind of substitute? Because, as Paul Simon sang about today's Creamsicles (OK, he was referring to something else entirely) "you know they'd never match my sweet little imagination." Sad to say, we can't go home again.

How pretentious is that? Allusions to Proust, Paul Simon and Thomas Wolfe in one short paragraph about ice cream on a stick.

Anyway -- whether they just don't make Creamsicles the way they used to, or our tastes have evolved to the point where mundane reality can't keep up with our remembered expectations -- here are two approaches to recreating the remembered experience, if not the actuality of the thing itself.

These are almost as easy as ripping the paper off a Creamsicle.


Tropical Creamsicle

Serves 1-4 (depending on ambient temperature and degree of self-control)

1 pint Coconut ice cream, slightly softened
1 pint Mango ice cream, slightly softened

1. Divide Coconut ice cream between four bowls, packing ice cream into an even layer. Place bowls in freezer to firm the ice cream.

2. Divide Mango ice cream between the four prepared bowls, packing mango ice cream in an even layer on top of the coconut ice cream. Place bowls in freezer to firm the ice cream.

3. Garnish with a slice of orange and a mint leaf if you want to show off, or simply dig in.

Creamsicle Float

Serves 1-4 (same as above)

1 pint premium vanilla ice cream
1 bottle Sparkling Blood Orange soda*
canned real whipped cream

1. Place one four-ounce scoop of ice cream in each of four tall glasses.

2. Carefully pour soda to within an inch of the top. This is going to produce a lot of foam, so have a spoon handy to remove excess.

3. Top with whipped cream. You could use home-made whipped cream, but unless you pipe it on with a star-tipped pastry bag, you won't get that soda-fountain look -- and, besides, this is supposed to be EASY. We're aiming for instant transport to the joy of our childhoods, not a fussy display of our kitchen skills.

* I use Taste of Inspirations brand, available in Hannaford and Food Lion grocery stores. You could use other orange sodas, but they wouldn't produce the delicate coloration and subtle tang that blood oranges contribute.


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