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The Mating Habits of Coconuts

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Be prepared for a long and, at least to me -- 'though probably not to the coconut -- tedious affair.

(I'm giving you fair warning:
you are about to be exposed to some highly technical botanical concepts)

After all the floating, bobbing and whatall that passes for courtship, the coconut has to find a suitable nesting spot. It heaves itself up on some distant beach and waits for just the right mood to set in. It then has to construct a tree, drawing nutrients from the soil, and energy from the sun, until large enough to bloom.

This takes quite a bit of time, so I generally go to the kitchen for a sandwich or two.

Once the adolescent tree can develop flowers, it immediately switches to high gear (honestly, most of us would not notice that much was happening). Nonetheless, pollen and stuff get mooshed around together in a mutually satisfying manner, and the (to us) insignificant flower starts to get all bulgy, and then...

...a new coconut is born.

Not exactly a bodice-ripper, is it?


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